Johannes Phokela – I like my neighbors – Tuesday, 3 February 2009, 6pm


Lucy Azubuike and Zanele Muholi at CCA Lagos, 29 January – 9 August 2008


Lucio Pozzi — MINIPAINTINGS — 11 Nov to 19 Dec 2009 — Creon Gallery, New York

The Twain Minipaintings at Creon Gallery, New York, 11 November – 19 December 2009 .

(testo italiano qui sotto)

I don't remember when I started painting the Minipaintings. They came about in the early seventies as a counterpart to very large works I was producing, to capture in my mind the size of the surface I paint on as a crucial factor of my practice.

Over the years, they have evolved in various manners. Many exhibitions of the Minipaintings have been held worldwide, also because I can carry a whole exhibition in a suitcase. Strangely, each single Minipainting demands a large wall space, often more than a larger work would. Instead of the painting being hung on a wall, it's a wall activated by the painting.

Most Minipaintings consist of a thin canvas stretched on a thick block of plywood more or less the size of a hand. In this new 'Twain' group, after staining the canvas with a faint wash which is seen from the sides, I apply masking tape to divide the face of the painting and with a palette knife I spread thick paint on the left or upper half. After removing the tape I spread a different color on the other half, fastidiously coming as near as possible to the first half but leaving a hair of a gap between them. Finally I apply as small as I can dots of the color of one side onto the other and vice versa – a kind of territorial exchange. The contrast between the two fields of color is answered by the almost invisible presence of the dots.

Creon Gallery – 238 East 24th Street (1B) (near 2nd Avenue), New York NY 10010 – t. 646.265.5508 . HOURS: Wed.-Thur. 6 – 8 PM, Sat. 2 – 5 PM. OPENING: Wednesday November 11, 6 – 9 PM.

Non ricordo quando ho incominciato a dipingere i Minipaintings. Mi nacquero durante i primi anni settanta mentre facevo grandi quadri. Era un modo per me di capire a fondo la dimensione della superficie sulla quale lavoro.

Lungo gli anni si sono evoluti in diverse maniere e sono stati esposti in molte parti del mondo, anche perchè posso portare un'intera esposizione in una valigia. Stranamente, ogni Minipainting esige una ampia parete, spesso più di un quadro grande. Invece di un quadro appeso al muro è un muro attivato dal quadro.

La maggior parte dei Minipaintings consiste di una tela fine tirata su uno spesso blocco di compensato, più o meno della dimensione di una mano. In questo nuovo gruppo 'Twain' (Doppi), dopo aver tinto la tela con una velatura che rimane in vista sui fianchi, divido la faccia del quadro con nastro adesivo e con una spatola spalmo del colore spesso sulla prima metà della sua superficie. Dopo aver rimosso il nastro, spalmo un colore in contrasto al primo sull'altra metà, facendo meticolosa attenzione ad arrivare il più possibile vicino al suo orlo centrale ma lasciando un filo di intercapedine fra i due. Infine, appongo alcuni pochi piccolissimi puntini del colore di una metà sull'altra e viceversa – una sorta di scambio fra territori. Alla differenza fra le due campiture risponde la quasi invisibile presenza dei punti.

Creon Gallery – 238 East 24th Street (1B) (vicino alla 2da Avenue), New York NY 10010 – t. 646.265.5508 . ORARIO: Mercoledì e Giovedì ore 18 - 20, Sabato ore 14 - 17. INAUGURAZIONE: Mercoledì 11 Novembre, ore 18 - 21.

Chimurenga Library Exhibition and Sessions, 2 May – 21 June, CT

readingroutesThe Chimurenga Library is an online archive of pan African, independent periodicals. It is also the exhibition concept devised by the editors of Chimurenga for Cape Africa Platform 2009.
Presented in and around the newly launched Cape Town Central Library from 2 May – 21 June, the project embodies the proposition evoked by the title by "finding oneself," as Moses Molelekwa put it, on the shelves of the Central Library; or quietly encroaching upon its classification system; or proposing a navigation system, clearly subjective and affective, for content found both in Chimurenga and the collection of the Central Library.

Venue: Central Library, Drill Hall, c/o Darling and Parade Street, Cape Town
Details: Chimurenga Sessions

Next Session: Wednesday, 6 May, 6 pm at Central Library

Buckfever Underground — Dead Revolutionaries Club — Keorapetse Kgositsile

Keorapetse Kgositsile is a poet and essayist whose writings focus on Pan-African liberation as the fruit of informed heroism and compassionate humanism. His poetry books include My Name is Afrika (1971), The Present Is a Dangerous Place to Live (1974), Places and Bloodstains (1975), Herzspuren (1981; Traces of the Heart), and When the Clouds Clear (1990).

Formed by Toast Coetzer and Gilad Hockman, The Buckfever Underground combine darkly comical yet poetic, spoken English and Afrikaans lyrics with desolate soundscapes and unhinged post-rock guitars. The band has just release its third studio album, Saves.

Artist, writer and performer Kemang wa Lehulere is member of the art and publishing collective Dead Revolutionaries Club, based in Johannesburg.

CAPE 09 steaming ahead to take place from 2 May - 19 June 2009

Titled Convergence, this year’s exhibition is about life today: the people, the connections and networks they make up. With art projects ranging from explorations into Brenda Fassie’s roots to interventions on transport routes in the city, a focus on our shared African roots, reading roots and even some root vegetables.
CAPE 09 challenges traditional biennale models, rejecting a single curatorial vision in favour of a series of diverse but interlinked projects by a range of different curators – from new emerging talent of the CAPE Young Curator’s Programme to acclaimed international and local artists and curators. They will present exhibitions, public interactions and interventions that reimagine the city of Cape Town as an activated, participatory project space, focusing how we move and engage with each other. Exhibition sites traverse the socio-economic and geographic divides of Cape Town, and include the Metrorail Station, the city centre, Langa and Khayelitsha, as well as moving exhibitions on taxis.

In addition, CAPE 09 brings together a programme of launches, discussion sessions, film screenings, readings and performances, running throughout the 51 days of the biennale.

GENERAL INFO: For more details about the exhibition, venues, artists and events watch www.capeafrica.org (relaunched on 15 January 2009) and the local press.

Kwani? Nr. 5 in bookstores now

KwaniDouble issue Kwani? Nr. 5 examines Kenya in the context and violent aftermath of its 2007 elections is available in bookstores now.

In Part 1 ‘Beyond the Vote: Maps and Journeys’ and Part 2 ‘Beyond the Vote: Revelations and Conversations’ over 50 writers, photographers, poets, cartoonists provide a collective narrative on what we were before, and what we became, during the epochal first 100 days of 2008.

In the first week of November 2007, Kwani Trust held a series of creative nonfiction workshops to discuss and reinforce elements of storytelling in reporting the Kenyan elections of 2007. A group of journalists and writers unpublished in Kwani? were invited. In addition to the extended creative non-fiction produced in the workshop, Kwani? collected enough essays and analyses, creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry photographs, cartoons and illustrations, sms’s and posters to fill two volumes.

Kwani? 5 was presented by editor Billy Kahora on 10 March during the Times of the Writer Festival in Durban (9–14 March 1009).


'The World is Flat' 21 March at CCA, Lagos

twifForthcoming exhibition 21 March – 2 May 2009

'The World is Flat'

Lise Mogel (US)
Krydz Ikwuemesi (NIG)
Heman Chong (SG)
Lasse Lau (DK)

curated by Johanne Loegstrup

opening times
Tues - Sat 10am - 6pm
Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos
9 McEwen Street, Sabo, Lagos


Artist talk – 4 April at 4pm, Arts on Main

Claudia Shneider presents her current installation

Living and Dying in Africa

on Saturday, 4 April at 4pm
in 'Arts on Main'
(40, Berea Street – between Main Street and Fox Street), Johannesburg.
The installative sculpture can be viewed from 31 March to 10 April 2009 (9am to 5pm)


Joburg Art Fair 3 – 5 April 2009

Curator Michket Krifa (Tunisia, France) will speak about the Bamako Encounters (Rencontres de Bamako. 8 eme Biennale Africaine de la Photographie, 7 novembre-7 décembre 2009).

Sunday, 5 April at 15.30h
at the Sandton Convention Centre